Stronger Smarter Summit 2009 Communique

The 2009 Stronger Smarter Summit symbolises a ‘tipping point’ beyond which we now demand high expectations for all Indigenous students.  We demand leadership with high expectations schools, and high expectations teacher/student relationships.


The tide of low expectations of Indigenous students in our schools has changed.  Rather than hope for a brighter future for Indigenous students, we now expect it.   There is no place in any education jurisdiction for educators with stifled perceptions of who Indigenous students are, or what they can achieve.  We need educators to work in partnership with community, using whole school strategies to deliver brighter futures for all Indigenous students.


We recognise that while the tide has changed, positive results across the country are yet to flow in some places.  Indigenous students will develop and embrace a positive sense of their own cultural identity as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people.  We now expect dramatically improved results will be delivered and Indigenous students will enjoy educational outcomes that are comparable to any other Australian child.


We recognise that delivering on the promise of a stronger smarter future for all Australian children will require exceptionally hard work — innovative approaches to teaching, quality curriculum and quality relationships with Indigenous students, their parents and their communities.


This is a human right that we as educators must deliver on, with the full support of state and federal governments.


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  1. I am really impressed by what I saw on A-PAC of the Conference today. Wish I was there! But at least it showed me enough to get me to the QUT website and look up the Stronger Smarter Program. As an educator in a High School with a large Indigenous population (120 of about 1000 students) who works closely with the Indigenous students (Norta Norta tutor and SLIKK coordinator), I am thrilled to know I am not alone and there are so many others working out there to help the Indigenous students to reach their potential! Thanks for the inspiration!

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