Chris Sarra on the NRL State of Origin racism debate

Chris Sarra on the NRL State of Origin racism debate

Audio interview available at

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  1. Having just removed all the NSW paraphernalia I proudly hang around my workstation every year for State of Origin and replacing it with an article about why Taho left, I’d love to know what this says – alas DETA won’t let me read it!!!

  2. I got the MP3 but it’s not obvious if there’s a transcript or not. I don’t find the navigation very easy,

  3. Am not allowed either – thank you DETA! And my home computer is on the blink! Still I will comment on the issue. I have to declare that first of all I have been a long term fan of Andrew Johns, and I had a deep sense of disappointment that someone I admired as a sportsman could be so crude and so racist.
    The positives though from all this sorry affair have flowed from the solidarity expressed by Indigenous Australians with Tahu’s brave and principled stand. He was not the only one who heard Johns’ comments, but he was the only one who refused to be intimidated and he stood out alone against the herd mentality. I have some idea of what that might have cost him, and so I salute his bravery.



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