Entering 2011

Happy new year to all of you. What a crazy Christmas and New Year period hey? As for me I was caught up in the Bundaberg floods and helping my poor old mum to clean her house out after the bottom floor of our home was completely inundated. As we watched the water rise we were saying ‘No… it won’t come up much further than that!’. Famous last words we thought as my mum and sister had to climb into an SES boat at 4.30 the next morning.

All eventually settled in Bundaberg, and it was truly remarkable to be part of an experience in which other people just ‘chipped in’ and help do what had to be done, despite it being such and arduous and messy task.

We did get to see our house on TV… that was pretty exciting. With all settled and back to normal I returned with my family back to Caboolture, only to be flooded out there as well. For a while there I was thinking it was just me!

The Brisbane floods were just as devastating and again it was remarkable to be a part of a recovery effort in which nobody cared too much about our differences, but just recognised that fellow human beings were struggling and needed help. So many individuals stories united by one humanity. There is something very important for all of us to reflect on here.

Like so many others I thought the leadership of Anna Bligh, Campbell Newman and Paul Pisasale was superb and well balanced.

A heartfelt thanks to all of those who rang or sent a text to check if we were ok.

As for the Institute this year we continue the journey of building stronger smarter schools and communities, and supporting and developing school and community leaders to support, develop and challenge others around them. In February we are running the National Learn, Earn, Legend Indigenous Youth Summit in partnership with DEEWR and the NRL which I am certain will be a very powerful and exciting time for all of us. This is just a start. I will let you know more about what we get up to down the track.

Best wishes for a great 2011 for all of us as we get back into the rhythm of the year.


2 Responses

  1. Hello Chris! I met you in Cherbourg years ago. I did my university placement there as a mature aged student and coordinated one of the Tickford projects. I’ve been following your amazing career since then and I’m proud to have known you. Love your work!!

    Regards and best wishes for the future and the good fight!

  2. Hey Sandra .. Great to hear from you.. Thanks for the encouragement .. cs

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