COAG report on Indigenous education


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  1. Dear Chris,
    So good to see you and hear your words of wisdom and encouragement. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can still see you sitting on the steps at Cherbourg doing just the same with the students and them hanging on your every word.
    I am finding your blogs very useful to share with teachers the message of engaging our indigenous students, and this video will help to engage those more attuned to multimedia modes.
    It is always good to put a voice to the words when reading.
    Louise Mackay

  2. more video blogs please Chris, love the personal approach.

  3. Kia ora Chris,
    I’m looking forward to catching up with you as part of the He Kākano International Advisory Group here in New Zealand. The point you make about not over-reading data is well made. We are using school based hard data to drive the changes in the schools we are engaged with. I’m pleased to say that the schools we work with do gather data that have integrity, It’s just that they haven’t thought too much about the next step – using the data available to set new responsive goals.and setting up different processes and systems.
    As we gather data from our regional coordinators (Manutaki) about the secondary schools we work with, we are also trying hard to ensure that our data has integrity. Will talk to you soon about that.
    Kind regards

    Paora Howe

  4. Great stuff .. thanks Paora and good to see you in this space. I am sure others will benefit from hearing about your project so feel free to share some key learnings in this space if you like.

  5. Hey Louise.. great to hear from you and great to hear that you are able to make use of this space… cs

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