Prime Minister praises ‘sophisticated’ Stronger Smarter approach in Bamaga

abbott at bamaga

“But what we saw was a very sophisticated teaching method, based on the things that we know work, based on, if you like, traditional teaching methods, but a much more sophisticated version of [Direct Instruction]” Prime Minister Tony Abbott

The Stronger Smarter Institute has been flattered by the praise heaped upon the Stronger Smarter Approach and it’s the same approach that is securing better educational outcomes with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples across Australia.

It’s not everyday that the Prime Minister of Australia walks out of a classroom declaring that “they were the best classrooms I’ve ever seen and most of those classrooms had very high percentage of people attending. I think the 2 to 3 class had 100 per cent attendance today – very enthusiastic participation. The year 6 class that we saw at the end was truly remarkable – truly remarkable.”

In its 10th year of continuous service delivery the Stronger Smarter Institute has worked with 2,003 educators and staff from 546 schools that on any given school day are influencing the classes of over 38,000 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students. We are proud to be Australians largest Indigenous initiative in education and why wouldn’t you be when the Prime Minister says “the best classrooms I’ve ever seen” “truly remarkable” and “a very sophisticated teaching method”.  


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